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On collecting herbs in the Triglav National Park

On collecting herbs in the Triglav National Park
Our fieldworkers observe many herb pickers in the meadows and other areas of the Triglav National Park. Some of them collect herbs in the first and second protection zones, where it is forbidden, and there are also those who exceed the permitted amounts of herbs for non-commercial purposes. We have therefore compiled some information to help visitors.

Herb collecting is only allowed in the third conservation area. A maximum of 1 kg of herbs may be harvested daily by an individual for personal use. In the case of commercial collection, the prior consent of the park manager is required.

The collection of herbs and mushrooms is regulated by the Triglav National Park Act. It only allows the picking of mushrooms and plants in the park's peripheral, i.e. the third protection zone. The first and second protection zones, which constitute the central area of the national park, are prioritised for the realisation of nature protection and conservation, and the collection of mushrooms and plants is therefore prohibited in these areas.

In the case of mushrooms, however, the conditions laid down in the Regulation on the protection of autotrophic fungi and the forestry and forest protection regulations, in particular the Forest Protection Regulations, must be observed. Thus, an individual may collect up to 2 kg of mushrooms per day, which must be roughly cleaned directly on the growing site. When picking, no implements that could damage the plant or the mushroom can be used.

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