Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger

Triglav National Park has been part of the Junior Ranger programme since 2002.

It is a programme under the Europarc Federation and is aimed at young people living in the National Park or in its immediate surroundings (Julian Alps Biosphere Area).

The programme not only allows young people to experience and learn about the national park, but also actively involves them in nature conservation and cultural heritage work.

It consists of three key themes: explore, learn and care. It offers young people the opportunity to discover their protected area, its function, landscape and biodiversity, and to acquire knowledge and skills related to the work of nature conservation officers and nature conservation.

The objectives of the programme are:

  • To create a network of young people who actively participate in nature conservation and act as advocates for their protected area.
  • To raise awareness of the natural, cultural, social and economic values of protected areas.
  • Strengthen friendship and team morale among young people by involving them in achieving common conservation objectives.
  • To link young people and the local community.

Young people join the programme in primary school and are active for at least three years. During this time, they get to know the whole area of the National Park.

The programme is aimed at those pupils of the Community of Schools of the Julian Alps Biosphere Area who are particularly keen on the outdoors and the mountain world, and offers them socialising and education in their free time, outside school hours.

It takes place throughout the year, culminating in a two-day visit to the high mountains in summer.

The programme therefore consists of 3-5 one-day annual meetings (excursions, clean-up actions, participation in Triglav National Park actions, Belar's Days, international meetings, etc.) and a final camp.

New members join us in December on International Mountain Day (11 December).